Too Busy For This?


The Spring crunch is on and you probably feel like you don’t even have time to read this post.  But that’s exactly why you need to take three minutes to read and learn how to continue to grow and develop without staring at a screen.

One of my secrets to growth when I don’t have time to read a full book is to turn to podcasts.  I listen to them while I’m running, commuting, and cooking so that my time is delivering on both physical tasks and personal growth.  Whether you’re a podcast junkie or brand new, here’s how you can increase your professional development with podcasts.

There are two great, and relatively new, podcasts that you probably don’t know about yet but absolutely need to check out.  They’re full of great content to help you in your business, feature interesting interviews with successful people from the industry, and hosted by really great guys.

The first is Snowfighters Institute’s new podcast hosted by Phil Harwood.  Focusing on the snow industry, each week features a new guest and their successes, challenges, experiences, and insights on snow industry issues.  You can subscribe on your favorite platform or visit here.

The second great podcast is NALP’s Growing in the Green Industry.  Hosted by the NALP Young Professionals, including Neal Glatt, each episode features insights for landscape companies and young professionals looking to advance their career.  You can learn more and subscribe here.

Be sure to subscribe to both so you get updates as soon as they're available and start learning even while on the go.  Let’s keep learning even when time is crunched.

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