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Delete Your Job Ad

“Your presentation helped me rewrite our help wanted ad and we were flooded with applicants!” was the note I received after a recent presentation on how to win the talent war. If you need more great quality job applicants, it’s time to delete your job ad and start fresh. Here is what is working for other companies who are flooded with applicants…

Finding All-Star Sales Reps

Without a doubt, the fastest way to grow a business in our industry is to hire an all-star salesperson. The right one annually adds hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to a company’s revenue with profitability built in. But more often than not, managers trust the wrong person to try and sell, leading to poor results. Here’s what to look for in a salesperson…

Talent Matters

Here at GrowTheBench, we’re all about investing in employees and helping them develop to achieve their full potential. But full potential isn’t created equally and each person brings with them various levels of unique talents. Our ability to achieve results is based on two factors - talent and investment - but too few companies know how to measure talent at all. Here are the two best options that exist…

Spring Sales Forecast

Have you noticed a slump in sales recently? Or have you been too busy to notice that demand for many green industry services is starting to decline? The pandemic-era boost from people stuck at home with stimulus money is giving way to recessionary budget cuts and it could lead to a big slump in sales for many companies. Here’s how to bust through a sales slump….

Why EOS is taking over

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) was developed by Gino Wickman, the founder of EOS Worldwide. My previous company worked directly with Gino at his Livonia, Michigan office many years ago and before Gino wrote his first book, Traction. Since this time, I’ve witnessed an explosion of EOS in all industries. I couldn’t be happier for Gino and his team. But what’s the deal with EOS? Why is it taking over?

Want Your Training Paid For?

If you want to provide more training for your people but are finding the budget isn’t sufficient for all of the education that you want to participate in this year, it can pay to explore how workforce development funds can help. Many states have allocated money specifically for employees to get better at their jobs and you may already be qualified. Here’s two successful examples of how this works:

What’s the hype all about?

When something new comes along - a new idea or an innovation - there is, predictably, some hype that draws the attention of business leaders who are seeking the latest competitive advantage. Business leaders have been cautioned against chasing every new “shiny object” because of the disruptive nature of this approach. At the same time, business leaders have an obligation to be scanning for new ideas and innovations to remain competitive. So what’s the answer?

Snow Discussion Group Seeking Additional Members

Are you involved in the snow and ice management industry? Do you find value in connecting with other snow fighters? If so, I would invite you to consider this unique opportunity. One of the things I enjoy most is being the facilitator for a group of snowfighters that meets monthly online. And the group is seeking additional members. If you’re intrigued, continue reading.

Do you have issues?

In both our personal and professional lives, we are constantly dealing with issues. But that’s not always a bad thing. An issue is just something that needs to be addressed. An issue could simply be a decision that needs to be made. Or it could be a wonderful opportunity that needs to be discussed as a team. Of course, it could also be some problem or challenge that needs to be overcome.