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New in 2022!

We’re always looking for new ways to connect and help you succeed here at GrowTheBench, so in 2022 we’re launching brand new, LIVE Mastermind Calls! If you want to connect with other contractors, ask a burning question, or simply learn more about any of the topics we cover, here is your perfect opportunity. Here is how you can sign up…

It’s Here!

Yes, it’s here. It’s something you and I are both involved in. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to get it going in full force. This week is a warm-up period and a chance to build momentum. By Monday, I’ll be at full speed and there will be no stopping me. How about you? 

How I Won in 2021

2021 was a great year for me - I had record-breaking sales, ran the Chicago Marathon, started my MBA program, bought a house I love, had plenty of quality family time, and made significant progress helping others in a variety of ways. I’m not here to brag about my year, but rather to teach you my number one secret to crushing goals so you can do the same in 2022. Here’s where you need to focus…

Hit the Ground Running

Some of you will hit the ground running January 2, 2022. This is because you took time out this fall to plan your strategy and develop specific initiatives for next year. You’re ready to go. Everyone knows what to do. And now it’s just about execution. This blog is for the rest of you...

Who Needs Snow?

Are you anxious about the weather and if we’ll get enough snow this season?  It’s been a slow start for most snow contractors this year and many are starting to get concerned.  But there are others who don’t need any snow at all.  Let me tell you how they’re still making money…


Every time I see another company adopting EOS principles it makes me smile. EOS (entrepreneurial operating system) is explained in the book, Traction, by Gino Wickman. Give me one minute of your time and I’ll explain to you why EOS might be just what you need for 2022...

Where to Find Snow Shovelers

If you’re working to hire snow shovelers for winter work, you might be starting to get a little frustrated. It’s always difficult to fill these seasonal positions with reliable workers but this year is absolutely one of the toughest. When I was hiring hundreds of shovelers, I always succeeded by looking at my “secret” labor sources. Here’s my full list of where to find snow shovelers…

Winter Ready Yet?

If you’re frustrated with equipment shortages, late client contracts, recruiting challenges, increased supply costs, finding insurance coverage, broken technology, or daunting pre-season checklists, you’re probably a Snowfighter realizing that winter work just isn’t as easy as it used to be. There is a way to put an end to headaches, but it comes with a catch. My number one rule for snow planning is….


Every now and then, something new comes along that changes the course of things. When it comes to recruiting, we are all very interested in finding “something new” to help us out of a tough situation. I am pleased to tell you that we have partnered with Team Engine to bring you a NEW, FREE, educational course that walks you through the most current and successful approaches to recruiting today. Click here to check it out.

Stop Getting Ghosted by Candidates

I don’t need to tell you how difficult it has been to hire candidates recently, especially if you’re trying to scale winter operations and recruit seasonal snow workers.  And I already told you why unemployment money wasn’t the problem.  This article is about what you really want to know: how in the world to stop getting ghosted by job candidates.  Read on to find out our top three tips and learn about our FREE new course on recruiting!

Snow Extra Capacity

Reliability is one of the most important aspects of a snow and ice management operation. And the only way to be reliable is to have extra capacity to be able to fill the gaps when things don’t go as planned because things don’t always go as planned. But how does one create extra capacity during a labor shortage? There are four proven strategies to create extra capacity during snow events.

Onboard Winter Employees Correctly

New employees are frequently thrown into a new position in an industry they don’t fully understand without proper onboarding procedures. They’re offered minimal training with a brief overview or outdated orientation videos that don’t truly make a difference. This isn’t enough. Your onboarding process drastically affects your retention rate and employee success. Could you be using a better approach?

The 5-Day Training Challenge

What would you say if I told you I would do all of your training for you from now on? You tell me what you need and I’ll deliver it. In addition, you wouldn’t have to interrupt production to have the training sessions. On top of that, I will train your subcontractors as well. And all of this training will be done at a price you will find to be shockingly low. Too good to be true? I promise you it is not. We can even get started for free if you’d like.  

Follow the Leader

As I look out my office window onto a large mass of Autumn Joy Sedum (Hylotelephium 'Herbstfreude' AUTUMN JOY), I can’t help but notice that they are covered with bees. If you haven’t studied bees before, you may be surprised that we can learn a lot about leadership from them by considering their habits. Do you want to be a better leader? If so, take one minute to learn about three habits of honey bees that may translate directly to your leadership ability...