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Is Sales Fun Enough For You?

This week I got a call from a salesperson I have been coaching: “Neal, I wanted to talk through a call I just had with a prospect. I did what you said, didn’t say some things I would have said before your training, and it worked! Not only that, the call was actually fun!” If you don’t find sales fun enough, here’s what you need to change...

Back to Work Better

As states continue to reopen, every business owner I’ve talked to has told me they’re busier than ever trying to catch up.  But in the rush of safety precautions, pressure to finish jobs, and continuing labor issues, many are overlooking the most important thing for new employees.  What needs to stay as top priority is...

Are You Kidding Me?

Jordan started two weeks ago. He has a good attitude and seems eager to learn. But I’m discovering that he is lacking some basic knowledge and skills. And I’m realizing that for him to be successful, we are going to have to train him up in some areas we weren’t planning on. My first reaction was, “Are you kidding me?” But after more reflection I changed my mind about how to approach this. Let me explain...

Social Distancing Shouldn’t Mean Unsocial

My job is to help companies increase their employee engagement, meaning the extent to which employees are involved in, committed to, and enthusiastic about their work and their workplace.  When employees are engaged, they work more efficiently, work more safely, and report a higher quality of life.  But what is often missed by managers is the critical role of social bonds in employee engagement.  Employees who say that they don’t have a best friend at work are only engaged 1 out of 12 times...

Overcoming the Unemployment Benefit Challenge

I spoke to an owner/client today who took the PPP loan and is getting pushback, grumbling, and anger from his team who feel they could have made more money on unemployment then continuing being paid from the company. With the additional $600 the Federal government kicked in on top of the average unemployment, it's over $1000 a week to stay home in some areas of the country. How should he respond?

Avoiding COVID Burnout

As nearly more than 3 in 5 employees are now working from home, many are experiencing serious burnout.  Some feel manager expectations are high, some are balancing work and family, and others are just working extra hours from boredom.  Whatever your circumstances, here’s how to avoid burnout while working remotely.

Why the Brady Bunch View Is a Game-Changer

The shelter-in-place orders have resulted in a massive increase in Zoom meetings. If you have participated in a Zoom meeting, you probably know about the viewing option where each participant’s video feed is placed in a square box stacked on top of other boxes - just like the Brady Bunch. What’s interesting is that something really awesome happens when the Brady Bunch view is used. In fact, it’s a game-changer!

Our Biggest Gift Ever

At GrowTheBench, we understand the challenges that contractors are facing today and we decided to help. We are offering a 10-for-1 offer on our subscriptions so you can train your whole team for less than $10 per person each month. Here’s how to get in on this opportunity:

How You Doin’?

I get this question a lot these days, closely followed by, “What are you doing?” There is a very real need to find out what everyone else is up to in the situations that have developed so unexpectedly. So, I sat down and made a short list of what I’m focusing on during this time. I’m calling it, “The Big 3 Plus 3.” Let me explain...

Supercharge Sales with the Perfect CRM

You probably have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software already.  And it probably kinda sucks.  Or maybe it’s never really utilized by your staff, at least not the way they showed you in the fancy software demo.  If you don’t have a CRM, or one that works great, or one staff use, you’re definitely missing sales opportunities.  Here are some items to know…

Calling 911

When my father-in-law needed medical attention last summer, my wife and I took immediate action. We could have done nothing or let him handle it himself, but we recognized that this was a critical situation so we dropped what we were doing and supported him. This is what people do when there is a crisis, right? What about our industry’s labor crisis? Efforts to solve the labor crisis are underway. People are mobilizing. Momentum is building. Check it out!