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Back to School

Last week, more than 70 million people of all ages went back to school in the US. That’s nearly one in four Americans. Clearly, education is a critical value that continues to make this country great. But education also affects whether our employees will work for us or not. Here’s what the research proves…

Price Sometimes Matters

When it comes to selling, how important is price really? Some people say that price is the most important factor. Others claim price doesn’t matter at all. Having sold millions of dollars of maintenance contracts, I’ll tell you the truth: price sometimes matters. Here’s when it does, and why it sometimes doesn’t….

Talk Less, Sell More

I recently decided not to make a purchase and it was 100% the salesperson’s fault.  But if he hadn’t said this one thing, he would almost certainly have made the sale.  Here’s exactly what happened, and how you can make sure you don’t lose sales by saying the wrong thing…

ELEVATE Your Workforce

The top two issues that green industry companies continue to face are the lack of quality people to work for them and rising labor rates.  And with a probable recession on the horizon, there is simply very little time left to figure out how to win the talent war.  Fortunately, there is a new opportunity to help ELEVATE your workforce (and we can save you hundreds of dollars)....

Problem Solved!

Think of a time when you thought a job was complete but, as it turned out, there was an unresolved problem that presented itself afterward. Your account manager may have noticed the lingering problem or your client brought it to your attention. Either way, the problem was real and couldn’t be ignored. It needed to be solved for the job to be truly complete. OK, now for the more important question.

How to Grow Employees

“We need better people” is something that every manager has thought at least once this year. No matter who is on the team, there are never enough employees who simply “get it” and show up with a great attitude, excellent skills, and a desire to improve every day. But what if there was a formula to help your people grow? Here’s how to develop employees to create the greatest team ever.

How to Attract a Diverse Workforce

As employers in every industry continue to struggle to fill open roles, many are coming to the conclusion that “what we’ve always done isn’t working anymore.” In response to that realization, employers are thinking outside the box for new and innovative ways to approach recruiting.

One such approach is simply to look in places they hadn’t previously considered. This means recruiting from new and different communities than the ones you’ve already tapped. Pursuing diversity in your hiring practices can put you in uncharted (and sometimes uncomfortable) waters, but the payoff will be worth it because you’ll not only be able to fill all your roles, you’ll also have a stronger team. 

The Great Sales Challenge of 2022

There is no question that increasing your selling prices is one of the greatest sales challenges of 2022, if not the greatest challenge. After years of renewals with minimal price increases, if any at all, salespeople are faced with having to present large price increases. Not only are these price increases long overdue but they are fueled by price inflation in all areas of our economy. The question then becomes how to successfully sell these large price increases. I have three key recommendations.

Welcome to Bidding Season

The start of June has always been a significant milestone for snow contractors to start thinking ahead to next season. But bidding for snow removal in 2022 is going to be more difficult than ever before to ensure that we win contracts with enough profit to withstand the current economic landscape. Here’s what to do to win, and profit, this winter…