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What is Inner Circle and why should I attend?

Once a year, something very special happens. Each April, the Snowfighters Institute holds a two-day educational and networking event for owners and senior managers. As the winter season is wrapping up, this is an excellent opportunity to discuss what is working well and what isn’t, where to invest time and resources for next winter, and to build new relationships.

Doing Good is Good Business

As we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow and consider how blessed we truly are, many will start to consider how they can help others. Next week famously brings Giving Tuesday where millions of people and companies take strides to raise awareness and give back to non-profits. But what if we can do good in the course of our normal business activities? Here’s how one company is setting the bar - and how you can help too…

Advice for a Successful Career

One of the questions that I am frequently asked is what advice I have for a younger person in our industry. This is an interesting question and somewhat humbling. In many ways, I don’t believe that I have achieved the level of success that I was aiming for. Perhaps that higher level of success is still yet to come. On the other hand, my career has been very rewarding and every day I feel blessed.

Don't Plan a Stupid Holiday Party

While many managers have come to realize employee appreciation is a key motivational tool (maybe even more than money), many are missing out on opportunities to really deliver on this need when they plan big holiday parties. Today’s generation has shifting desires, and while many people value quality time, company events are delivering on that need less and less each year. Here’s how to save a bunch of time, effort, and money this holiday season while making employees feel especially valued:

Working Slower

There are times when managers have no choice but to jump into the field and lend a helping hand to meet some pressing obligations. And while most managers bring a big boost of productivity in this times, I never personally contribute that way. My goal when I have to perform a critical task outside my role is to work slower. Here’s why it’s the best strategy ever…

Working Smarter

When I approach any job, my first question towards working as smart as possible is, “What are the key strengths required for success in this task?” The reason for this question is that I believe I only do about five things extremely well, and working smart requires me to match my top talents towards the necessary requirements for any task. More often than not, we’re frustrated, underperforming, and depleted by not working smart enough. Here’s a better solution than attacking everything hands on….

School is Back

Last week, more than 70 million people of all ages went back to school in the US. That’s nearly one in four Americans. Clearly, education is a critical value that continues to make this country great. But education also affects whether our employees will work for us or not. Here’s what the research proves…

Are You Serious?

Throughout my career, I have always been serious about continuing education, professional development, training, etc. In fact, I believe it has been one of the most influential aspects of my career. Investing in yourself is something that nobody can ever take away from you. It follows you throughout your career. It makes you more valuable, opens doors, and broadens your horizons.

I Hate Snow

“Hate” is a strong word. And yet, I often hear people tell me how much they hate snow. Of course, if you know me at all, you would know that I don’t share their sentiments. In fact, I love snow. I love snow so much that I’m part-owner of the Snowfighters Institute, where we train up the industry on best practices for running a snow business.

A Growth Environment

Everyone wants better employees and today that usually requires growing them internally. By starting with a high-potential worker and developing them intentionally, companies are able to build a near-ideal employee ready to tackle their specific issues. But employee development only occurs in the right environment. Here’s what a company has to have in place...