The Great Crew Leader Lunch Challenge


By Phil Harwood
I believe that most crew leaders would want to improve as a crew leader if they knew how to do so and were supported in doing so. The problem is that there hasn't been an easy way to identify or show a crew leader specifically what to improve on. That is where the Great Crew Leader Lunch Challenge fits in. It's a super simple way for a crew leader to recognize or admit that they have room to improve. Here's how it works...
Great Crew Leaders excel in all five roles of being a crew leader. We cover these five roles in great depth in our Great Crew Leader course. Many of you have already taken this course. If you haven't, we highly recommend checking it out. Great Crew Leaders almost always pass the Lunch Challenge. Average and below average crew leaders almost always fail the Lunch Challenge.
The Great Crew Leader Lunch Challenge is very simple. To perform the Challenge, you need two things. First, you need a crew taking their lunch break. Second, you need someone to check on the crew during their lunch break.

If the crew is sharing lunch like a family, they win the Challenge. Crews led by Great Crew Leaders look forward to lunch so they can break bread together, hear the latest about each other’s children or parents, tell jokes, and even plan out the afternoon as a group. Even though individual crew members could break away from the group if they chose to, they don't. The culture of the crew emphasizes teamwork over individualism and family-like bonds are strong.
If the crew is scattered or staring at their phones like they can't stand each other, they lose the Challenge. The crew leader may be a good worker and be very knowledgeable but there is much more to being a crew leader. The disconnected crew should set off alarms because it is a clearly observable symptom of a leadership issue… and opportunity.  
We are kicking off our Virtual Bootcamp for Crew Leaders April 19. The bootcamp is designed for crew leaders who are actively working. Each day of the bootcamp, there is a brief lesson that participants may watch or listen to whenever it fits their schedule. We have also included four live sessions which will be recorded and available on demand. The bootcamp is a great opportunity to move your crew leaders one step closer to becoming Great Crew Leaders. Complete details and registration are available here.
Now go forth.

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