Crew Leader Bootcamp 2021

How would your company be impacted if every single one of your Crew Leaders was GREAT at being a Crew Leader? We believe that every Crew Leader has the potential to improve as a Crew Leader and, with the right motivation, has the ability to become a GREAT Crew Leader.

The Crew Leader Bootcamp is an opportunity for your Crew Leaders to be challenged to improve in each of the five roles of a Crew Leader, moving one step closer toward becoming a GREAT Crew Leader. The bootcamp materials were developed and are taught by Phil Harwood, widely recognized as one of the top consultants in our industry. Materials include a complete scoring guide for crew leaders to rate themselves on each of the five roles. This scoring guide is available in English and Spanish.  

This virtual bootcamp includes 4 live sessions with Phil Harwood on Zoom. These live sessions will be recorded and available to all registrants to watch at a more convenient time if they are unable to attend at the scheduled times.

Also included are 5 pre-recorded sessions that will be made available to registrants according to the schedule below. Each session consists of a short video (less than 20 minutes) that registrants may watch at any time on any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Bootcamp registration is $199 per company for up to 10 people - only $19.99 per person. We strongly recommend that all Crew Leaders and their managers attend Bootcamp. Spanish-speaking crew leaders will benefit from the Spanish language scoring guide. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Check out the video at the bottom of this page to learn how easy it is to register your people.


April 19: LIVE Course Kick Off with Q&A (60:00) - 1pm ET

April 20: Crew Leader Role #1:  Worker (18:49) - On Demand

April 21: Crew Leader Role #2:  Driver (17:52) - On Demand

April 22: Crew Leader Role #3:  Supervisor (18:50) - On Demand

April 23: LIVE Feedback Review Workshop (60:00) - 1pm ET

April 26: LIVE Goal Planning Workshop (60:00) - 1pm ET

April 27: Crew Leader Role #4:  Trainer (19:48) - On Demand

April 28: Crew Leader Role #5:  Leader (15:50) - On Demand

April 29: LIVE Course Wrap-Up and Q&A (60:00) - 1pm ET

Attendees will retain access to content throughout the spring and summer, until Sep 1, 2021.

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