How to Recruit and Retain Talent in 2019


By Neal Glatt

The real secret to attracting key talent is by building a brand that potential employees desire.  As companies are more transparent than ever, it is clear that the secret to attracting and retaining top talent is…

1. Improve the Employee Experience

The employee experience is the collection of interactions that an employee has before, during, and after employment with a company.  Relationships with managers, co-workers, and customers, as well as the processes, technology, and physical environment utilized, all work together to shape the experience.  While a better experience obviously dramatically improves employee retention, an improved experience will also lead to a higher rate of past employees returning as well as referrals for new employees.

2.  Align Jobs to Purpose

Gallup reports that only about 1 in 3 people strongly agree that the mission of their organization makes them feel that their job is important.  No wonder employee results are disappointing. Feeling that what we do isn’t important will never allow us to be inspired to go above and beyond.  The problem likely isn’t what a company’s purpose is, but rather how it’s communicated. In the same research, only 26% of employees say they have heard someone talk about how their work connects to the mission and purpose of the organization.  Having these discussions will motivate and excite workers, but they clearly don’t happen enough.

3.  Start with Onboarding
First impressions are notoriously hard to change, so an employee’s first experiences with a company should be treated with the highest priority.  Unfortunately, Gallup reports that only 12% of employees strongly agree their company does a good job of onboarding.  At GrowTheBench, we want to help you show your employees that you value their development.  So we’ve created an onboarding course that will teach new employees everything they need to know about the landscape and snow industries to get started off on the right foot.  The best part is that this stand-alone course is offered for only $47! Check it out here.

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