New Hire Onboarding

New to the landscape or snow industry?  This is the place to start!  Comprised of two separate courses of 5-8 videos each, learners can choose to learn from the following topics as they see fit:

Landscape Industry Course:

  1. Intro the Landscape Industry (15:42)
  2. Intro to Landscape Careers (17:33)
  3. Landscape Industry Resources (16:00)
  4. Intro to Workplace Safety (12:16)
  5. Intro to Landscape Management (20:24)
  6. Intro to Landscape Construction (11:08)
  7. Intro to Pest Management (21:24)
  8. Best Practices for Career Management (8:42)

Snow & Ice Industry Course:

  1. Snow Event Types (13:15)
  2. Pre-Storm Prep (8:16)
  3. Snow Clearing Equipment (13:08)
  4. De-Icing Equipment (10:40)
  5. About the Industry (7:15)

To purchase this course for multiple New Hires and manage their progress, please select "This course is for someone else" under the pricing to the right and enter the quantity desired below.  Quantity pricing will automatically adjust in the shopping cart based on the following quantities purchased:

1-14 codes: $47.00

15-30 codes: $42.00

31-45 codes: $37.00

46-60 codes: $32.00

61-75 codes: $27.00

76-90 codes: $22.00

91+ codes: $17.00

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