Hiring for Talent

Some people seem to be uniquely talented for business.  They have entrepreneurial instincts that help them far exceed sales, profitability, and organizational goals.  But exactly are the required talents?  According to Gallup, those suited to build businesses posses 10 unique talents including determination, confidence, relationship, delegation, and independence.  In fact, Inc. 500 CEOs on average score highly in six of the ten builder talents which correlates to their immense success.

What if there was a way to know who was extra talented to build businesses BEFORE we hired them?  With Gallup's BP10 assessment, we can reliably identify the business builders with a short assessment.  In this course, GrowTheBench Managing Partner Neal Glatt will introduce the BP10 assessment and talents, demonstrate how the ten talents uniquely translate into business success, and give you the understanding you need to predictably choose people based on the attributes that really matter.

1.  Hiring for Talent (19:15)

2.  ConfidenceTM Talent (4:43)

3.  DelegatorTM Talent (7:33)

4.  DeterminationTM Talent (6:27)

5.  DisrupterTM Talent (6:23)

6.  IndependanceTM Talent (4:28)

7.  KnowledgeTM Talent (4:02)

8.  ProfitabilityTM Talent (4:09)

9.  RelationshipTM Talent (5:31)

10.  RiskTM Talent (5:35)

11.  SellingTM Talent (4:50)