To determine your niche market, first answer these five questions.  Then, fill in the blanks below to determine your target statement.  Finally, determine how unique this is in your marketplace.  The more unique your target market statement, the more niche your focus leading to reduced competition and higher sales and profits.

1. What are your key features and benefits?

2. What does that mean for your customer?

3. What type of customer benefits from that?

4. What does that suggest for target market?

5. Who are current best/favorite/most profitable customers?

Target Market Statement

We are targeting _____________________________________________________________

                                 Detailed Segment(s)

with _________________________________ located in _____________________________

      Average Locations Quantity and Size                                 Geographic Area                       

who value _____________________________ and annually spend ________________________

Key Feature/Benefit                                                              Average Sale Size                  

on __________________________________________________________________________.

Services Offered                                           

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