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Too Busy For This?
The Spring crunch is on and you probably feel like you don’t even have time to read this post.  But that’s exactly why you need to take three minutes to read and learn how to continue to grow and develop without staring at a screen...
Why I Love Quarantine
Like most of us, I’m stuck working at home while doing my part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  While there have been some real challenges and plenty of canceled events, overall I’m loving quarantine.  Here’s why you should be loving this time too…
You Must Be So Busy
I used to be so busy. Every week was a 50+ hour week. I remember the all-nighters to finish the massive bid packages. There was never a year with more than two weeks of vacation. So I can relate to those who still think that staying so swamped with work is a sign of success. Except they’re stuck in a trap making it impossible to grow their business….