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Are You Exhausted?
Memorial Day Weekend typically marks the first opportunity for those of us in the green industry to pause for some much needed rest after a rushed spring start. Except this year, it feels like there is no end in sight as demand for services has skyrocketed while employees have disappeared. If it all feels too exhausting, maybe it’s time to try doing something just a little differently...
In The Flesh
It’s finally time. After more than a year, in-person networking and educational events are coming back. I personally can’t wait to see old friends and new colleagues face-to-face, to dive into real education, and to enjoy after-hours networking over dinner or at a bar. Here are the industry events I’m most excited about attending:
Greatest Closing Technique - Ever!
It happened at the conference room table at one of the world’s largest retail property management firms. I was there with my clients who were pursuing an opportunity to work with this management company even though it had been made clear to us prior to the meeting that there was no current opportunity to do so. The meeting began with the normal exchange of pleasantries followed by a brief overview of my client’s history and capabilities. What happened next blew my mind and led to closing a sale...
Ready for $15 Minimum Wage?
This week, the new Biden administration is working towards a pandemic relief package that will include a $15 minimum wage. Unless you hit it big with Gamestop, you may be wondering how your business can survive when labor costs significantly increase over the next five years. Here’s what to do now to ensure you don’t go out of business later…
Taking the road less traveled: how a different approach to sales changes everything
It is commonly stated that one out of every ten salespeople outsells the remaining nine. The reason why this principle applies in many situations is because the most successful salespeople follow a road less traveled. Instead of doing what is common, with limited results, they do what is uncommon; they employ a different approach, and it changes everything...
The $80,000 Toothpick
Sometimes, the smallest change in our business can have enough impact on the bottom line. United Airlines recently realized that they could save $80,000 per year by some creative thinking and one small tweak to employee behavior. In fact, saving this much money is so easy, it’s crazy to think they didn’t do it before...
How I Made My Largest Sale
The largest sale I ever made was actually one of the easiest sales I ever made. One single event made it happen. On top of that, a referral from this new customer resulted in an even larger sale. My #1 and #2 largest sales resulted from a single event. Was this a stroke of genius or sheer luck? You decide...
How to 10X Sales in 2021
As 2020 comes to a close, you may look back and be disappointed with your sales volume. Or maybe you’re concerned about slipping profit margins. If so, you’re not alone. A year ago, a client of mine was in exactly the same place. Here’s how we worked together to help him grow from sales of just $96,000 in 2019 to over $999,000 in 2020, and how you can 10X your sales this year too...
The Big 3 - Sales
The value of your business is enhanced by the presence of specific things. So let me ask you if these things exist in your business. If so, to what degree? If not, this blog post just might inspire you to do something that will make a tangible improvement in the value of your business.
4 Words That Kill Your Sales
There are four words salespeople often say that almost universally kill a sale.  They’re the first four words used in most every sales call, and I’ve never met a salesperson who hasn’t used them at least once.  In fact, I’ve mistakenly said these deadly words back when I sucked at sales.  But then I started selling millions of dollars of contracts once I stopped opening calls by saying…
Sales Stoplights
If you offer snow removal services, then your sales are probably in full swing by now.  I recently read one of the most profound sales insights I’ve ever heard and knew I needed to share it here on this blog.  It all has to do with what you do when you see a yellow light...
Is Sales Fun Enough For You?
This week I got a call from a salesperson I have been coaching: “Neal, I wanted to talk through a call I just had with a prospect. I did what you said, didn’t say some things I would have said before your training, and it worked! Not only that, the call was actually fun!” If you don’t find sales fun enough, here’s what you need to change...
Supercharge Sales with the Perfect CRM
You probably have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software already.  And it probably kinda sucks.  Or maybe it’s never really utilized by your staff, at least not the way they showed you in the fancy software demo.  If you don’t have a CRM, or one that works great, or one staff use, you’re definitely missing sales opportunities.  Here are some items to know…
This Sales Approach Changed Everything
This one simple selling approach changed everything. Without a background in sales, my closing rate went up over 90% and found myself with lots of time on my hands for other things. No longer was I wasting my precious time on every opportunity that came my way. Because of my success, I’m happy to share this approach with you…
How I Made My Largest Sale
The largest sale I ever made was actually one of the easiest sales I ever made. One single event made it happen. On top of that, a referral from this new customer resulted in an even larger sale. My #1 and #2 largest sales resulted from a single event. Was this a stroke of genius or sheer luck? You decide...
Strategically Driving Sales in 2020
As we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S., I’d like to express our appreciation by giving you and your sales team some free consulting. Specifically, I’m going to help you being more strategic with sales in 2020...
My Biggest Sales Failure
In October 2010, I had the biggest sales opportunity of my career.  I was sitting in the office of a vice president trying to take over management of 500+ locations for the upcoming winter.  It ended up being the most humiliating sales failure I’ve ever experienced.  Here’s what happened (and how you can avoid the same fate)….
The Key to Insane Growth
When I was working to build a $40+ million snow business in seven years, there was one metric that I valued above all else.  By focusing on this rarely discussed number alone, everything else - profitability, sales, retention - fell into place.  I’m convinced that more businesses would grow more if they really understood the metric of…
I'm Impressed!
Do you ever wonder how your prospective customers view your company during the sales process? Sometimes it’s difficult to know just what they are thinking. However, there is one approach that is proven to be effective...