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Winning the Pay Negotiation
The best way to stop employees from resenting their pay and demanding a raise is to diffuse the situation well in advance. It requires planning and foresight, but an employee compensation chart, or Path to Growth, can make all the difference. Here’s what it looks like, what to consider, and how to utilize it to keep employee pay in check and help them grow at the same time...
Seasonal Jobs Rock
Seasonal employment is an essential aspect of our industry, especially in northern climates with heavy seasonal labor demands in the spring and again whenever it snows. The benefits of seasonal employment from the employer's perspective are obvious and many. But there are many benefits for the employee, and these benefits are often overlooked by recruiters and hiring managers. The reality is that seasonal jobs are often the best jobs. Let me explain...
Ghosted Again? There Is a Solution!
You had five interviews set up but only one showed up. The other four ghosted you. You hired the one person who showed up but they were a no-call, no-show for their first scheduled day of work. You hear from your peers that they are experiencing the same thing. What is going on here? Why is this happening and can anything be done about it? The short answer is YES!