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Which Customers Deserve You?
We hear the same thing constantly from exasperated hiring managers: “There are no people out there who want to work.” While I may disagree with the absoluteness of the statement, I completely understand the frustration that produced it. We are in a difficult hiring situation, no question. There are many sides of this to explore but what does this mean with respect to your customers, and, as the title of this article suggests, do your customers deserve you?
I'm Impressed!
Do you ever wonder how your prospective customers view your company during the sales process? Sometimes it’s difficult to know just what they are thinking. However, there is one approach that is proven to be effective...
What Is My Business Worth?
Being a landscape business owner is hard. There are a million things vying for your attention, and it’s usually the most urgent that gets it. Meanwhile, your business keeps going -- but is it growing? Has it increased in value over the last year? The truth is...