Peer Groups

You are invited to join!

Each group is comprised of members who are committed to learning from each other about how to become more successful and profitable in their roles and businesses. Groups are professionally facilitated and sponsored by an industry professional, bringing valuable experience and insight to the group.

Discussion topics may include equipment selection and usage, business models, operations, industry best practices, labor trends, staffing/recruiting, competition, market dynamics, economic trends, technologies and more. Where one company may struggle, another may thrive. Members walk away from these meetings with action items to help resolve issues affecting their businesses and are able to report progress of change in future meetings.

Group members interact through the group’s private Facebook page and other social media, emails, and ad-hoc phone calls or one-on-one visits throughout the year. See below for more information.  

Are you ready? 

We have openings with existing groups and are taking names for new groups on a continual basis. Simply email us to express interest. There is absolutely no cost to be considered. What are you waiting for? 

Please email to get started. 

Peer group types:

We form peer groups based on interest and demand. Examples include peer groups for business owners, sales people, account managers, operations managers, office managers, etc. Peer groups may also be focused on a particular industry area such as snow & ice management, landscape design, irrigation, etc.   

Each peer group determines its own platform and pricing structure versus a "one-size-fits-all" approach. As a starting point, we recommend two proven formats:

  • Online Groups meet monthly on a web-based call. Additional interactions are encouraged through social media, email, and informal meetings at industry events. These groups begin at $99 per month per member. 
  • In-Person Groups meet in person once or twice per year in addition to web-based calls, social media, email, and informal meetings. Pricing varies depending on the number of meetings per year. These groups begin at $199 per month per member. 

Peer group sponsorship

Becoming a peer group sponsor gives you one-on-one interaction with, and feedback from, your end users, creates name recognition and brand loyalty, and provides an opportunity for you to test your products on the people who will be using them. We are very thankful for our current sponsors:  Caterpillar and SnowEx. If you are interested in sponsoring our peer groups, please email Phil Harwood, Managing Partner: