Snowfighters Virtual Bootcamp - Oct 2020

Get new employees winter-ready with two weeks of learning!  A combination of live and on-demand training fits any schedule.  Presented by industry veterans Phil Harwood, Neal Glatt, and Scott Zorno, there is no better way to get your team thinking snow!  Your license includes access for up to 10 people.  Course schedule and duration below:

Oct 5: Live Kick Off with Q&A (60:00) - 1pm EDT

Oct 6: Snow Event Types (13:15) - On Demand

Oct 7: Pre-Storm Prep (8:16) - On Demand

Oct 8: Snow Clearing Equipment (13:08) - On Demand

Oct 9: Live Review with Q&A (60:00) - 1pm EDT

Oct 13: De-Icing Equipment (10:40) - On Demand

Oct 14: About the Industry (7:15) - On Demand

Oct 15: Why Use Liquids? (14:05) - On Demand

Oct 16: Live Course Wrap with Q&A (60:00) - 1pm EDT

Attendees will retain access to content throughout the winter until May 1, 2021.

Here's how to share your registration codes and get your team learning included with your subscription: