Safety Toolbox Talks

Safety is a top priority for any company and GrowTheBench now offers Toolbox Talks available for your crews for FREE sponsored by Caterpillar.  Simply select the topic and download the PDF to the right.

GrowTheBench has also created audio recordings of each of the Toolbox Talks listed along with knowledge checks to ensure learning.  Employees can access the files from any device with internet access, including any computer or smartphone, to complete training.  Once completed, a certificate of completion will be generated for each employee and all employee safety training logs are automatically updated.  Access is sold in bundles of 10 for a monthly cost of $2.50 per employee.  Simply add the number of 10-pack bundles required and checkout.  Instructions to add users are explained in the video below.

Full functionality is also available by purchasing an All-Access Pass, which provides access to our entire library of courses at an affordable level of investment.  Click here to learn more.