Keeping Good Employees

Employee turnover is one of the highest costs a business has but almost never quantifies.  From advertisting jobs to interviewing to training to mistakes to lost contracts and knowledge to culture turmoil, it's no suprise that an employee departing an organizaion can cost between 1.5 and 5 times the annual salary of the employee.  In this course, GrowTheBench Managing Partner Neal Glatt will teach managers what the science proves employees really want and provide tangible steps to implement them in your business to keep your employees longer while maximizing their potential.

Modules in this course:

  1. Keeping Good Employees (15:29)
  2. Meeting Basic Needs (10:13)
  3. Management Support (15:03)
  4. Teamwork (15:37)
  5. Growth (8:36)
  6. Motivation (11:14)

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