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Snow Professionals Appreciation Month
The State of Michigan recognized its snow & ice management professionals in an official proclamation signed by the governor.
I Hate Snow
“Hate” is a strong word. And yet, I often hear people tell me how much they hate snow. Of course, if you know me at all, you would know that I don’t share their sentiments. In fact, I love snow. I love snow so much that I’m part-owner of the Snowfighters Institute, where we train up the industry on best practices for running a snow business.
Who Needs Snow?
Are you anxious about the weather and if we’ll get enough snow this season?  It’s been a slow start for most snow contractors this year and many are starting to get concerned.  But there are others who don’t need any snow at all.  Let me tell you how they’re still making money…
Selling Snow Services
It’s time to get serious about selling snow services for the upcoming winter season. But if you’re like most contractors, that means driving to sites, measuring square footage, endless spreadsheets, and lots of guessing when it comes to estimating prices. Here’s a better way to estimate that will save time while increasing your chances of winning the ideal snow contract...
What Did I Miss?
Last week, the Snowfighters Institute held its popular Forum for Sales event at the SnowEx world headquarters in Michigan. If you were unable to attend, you will not want to miss our fall event, Grounds & Institutional Management, focused on snow operations, site engineering, equipment planning, and event management. Registration is open and this event will sell out. To assist you in making a decision on whether to attend, consider what you missed if you did not attend Forum for Sales last week...
In The Flesh
It’s finally time. After more than a year, in-person networking and educational events are coming back. I personally can’t wait to see old friends and new colleagues face-to-face, to dive into real education, and to enjoy after-hours networking over dinner or at a bar. Here are the industry events I’m most excited about attending:
Snowfighters Boot Camp!
Do you remember your first winter in the snow industry? Just think of everything you didn’t know. How could you? How much better would it have been if you could have been more prepared? What if there were a boot camp for snowfighters?
The Secret to Scaling Snow Operations
If you want to really scale your snow operations, the best kept “secret” is to utilize subcontractors. But there is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish this task. Instead of spending tens of thousands on equipment and pointlessly trying to hire more labor, let me share with you how to subcontract your problems away and still profit this season. The first key...