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ELEVATE Your Workforce
The top two issues that green industry companies continue to face are the lack of quality people to work for them and rising labor rates.  And with a probable recession on the horizon, there is simply very little time left to figure out how to win the talent war.  Fortunately, there is a new opportunity to help ELEVATE your workforce (and we can save you hundreds of dollars)....
If you seriously injured yourself, you would call 911 and head immediately to the emergency room. If your child, parent, grandparent, dog, or a cat (pick one) desperately needed your help, you would drop what you’re doing and go help them. Whatever else may be on your calendar is going to be blown off, rescheduled, or pushed back. What was a priority before the emergency is no longer a priority. When something is really important - an emergency - you make time for it. You don’t have more time, you make time...