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How to Grow Employees
“We need better people” is something that every manager has thought at least once this year. No matter who is on the team, there are never enough employees who simply “get it” and show up with a great attitude, excellent skills, and a desire to improve every day. But what if there was a formula to help your people grow? Here’s how to develop employees to create the greatest team ever.
How to Attract a Diverse Workforce
As employers in every industry continue to struggle to fill open roles, many are coming to the conclusion that “what we’ve always done isn’t working anymore.” In response to that realization, employers are thinking outside the box for new and innovative ways to approach recruiting. One such approach is simply to look in places they hadn’t previously considered. This means recruiting from new and different communities than the ones you’ve already tapped. Pursuing diversity in your hiring practices can put you in uncharted (and sometimes uncomfortable) waters, but the payoff will be worth it because you’ll not only be able to fill all your roles, you’ll also have a stronger team. 
Every time I see another company adopting EOS principles it makes me smile. EOS (entrepreneurial operating system) is explained in the book, Traction, by Gino Wickman. Give me one minute of your time and I’ll explain to you why EOS might be just what you need for 2022...
Follow the Leader
As I look out my office window onto a large mass of Autumn Joy Sedum (Hylotelephium 'Herbstfreude' AUTUMN JOY), I can’t help but notice that they are covered with bees. If you haven’t studied bees before, you may be surprised that we can learn a lot about leadership from them by considering their habits. Do you want to be a better leader? If so, take one minute to learn about three habits of honey bees that may translate directly to your leadership ability...