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Talent Matters
Here at GrowTheBench, we’re all about investing in employees and helping them develop to achieve their full potential. But full potential isn’t created equally and each person brings with them various levels of unique talents. Our ability to achieve results is based on two factors - talent and investment - but too few companies know how to measure talent at all. Here are the two best options that exist…
Finding and Retaining Talent in the Landscape Industry
There’s an old saying, “You can’t find good help these days,” that for many in the green landscape industry seems to be especially true. The triple whammy of a low unemployment rate, rising wages, and a generally smaller pool of qualified individuals makes the hiring challenge for landscaping companies even greater...
How to Recruit and Retain Talent in 2019
The real secret to attracting key talent is by building a brand that potential employees desire. As companies are more transparent than ever, it is clear that the secret to attracting and retaining top talent is…