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Need to Hire a Salesperson?
Without a doubt, the fastest way to grow a business in our industry is to hire an all-star salesperson. The right one annually adds hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to a company’s revenue with profitability built in. But more often than not, managers trust the wrong person to try and sell, leading to poor results. Here’s what to look for in a salesperson…
Selling on a Napkin
Some of the most amazing ideas started on a napkin. Business deals are often first sketched out on a napkin. Huge sales have been made on a napkin. In today’s virtual world, a napkin may not be readily available but the concept still applies. Give me two minutes of your time and I’ll explain.
Time to Sell... Snow?
More and more, snow contracts are being awarded in May and June rather than September and October. While there are many contracts awarded in the Fall and even Winter, the very best ones have tended to get awarded in Spring. Here’s how to win big early in the season and be set up for success this winter…
4 Words That Kill Your Sales
There are four words salespeople often say that almost universally kill a sale.  They’re the first four words used in most every sales call, and I’ve never met a salesperson who hasn’t used them at least once.  In fact, I’ve mistakenly said these deadly words back when I sucked at sales.  But then I started selling millions of dollars of contracts once I stopped opening calls by saying…
Is Sales Fun Enough For You?
This week I got a call from a salesperson I have been coaching: “Neal, I wanted to talk through a call I just had with a prospect. I did what you said, didn’t say some things I would have said before your training, and it worked! Not only that, the call was actually fun!” If you don’t find sales fun enough, here’s what you need to change...
Your Ultimate Dream Exit
Image your ultimate dream exit. You’ve sold your business and you’re enjoying a refreshing iced tea at your beach house on the ocean or you’re traveling the world for a year visiting exotic lands. How did you do it? In this blog post, Steven Newell of Lindale Partners reveals the 7 keys to maximizing the sale of your business when the time comes. Prepare now, enjoy later!