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5 Common Landscape Pest Problems
Protecting client properties from pest problems is one of the most important jobs a landscape professional has. Your customers look to you to be the expert on all things landscape and to bring problems to their attention proactively. Few situations are worse than getting a phone call from a customer about a plant that has died and hearing them ask “Why didn’t you tell me the plant was dying?”...
Do You Have (the) Right Plantz?
If you’ve been in the professional landscape industry for more than five minutes, you know what a challenge it is to select the right plants for each unique situation. This is even more of a challenge for novices, homeowners, and gardeners. The difficulty lies in the vast amount of information required to know each plant’s preferences, geographic differences, microclimates, and (drumroll, please) availability. Matching up all of this information will give most of us a headache pretty quickly. This is where comes in...