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Is It Lonely At The Top?
Recently I was on a podcast where a company leader told me that “it’s lonely at the top” was a business truth that she strives to achieve by limiting the amount of personal details she shares with her employees. It’s too bad that people strive for a disconnected workplace, especially when it’s been proven that close relationships at work lead to higher profits. Here’s what the science shows about friendships at work…
Something Unexpected
Earlier in my career I was on a team with another person I had a difficult time working with. We came from different backgrounds, went to different colleges, and had very different personalities. We found ways to coexist but really didn’t like each other very much. And then something unexpected happened...
What’s at the core of all successful relationships?
Recently, I’ve been thinking about what is at the core of all successful relationships, including professional and personal relationships. What’s interesting to me is that we often overlook the importance of this key concept and replace it with other things less critical, with not so great results...