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A Better Way to Recruit
Recruiting today needs to be totally different... Here is the step by step comparison of the old ways compared to todays ways.
Don’t Let Me Down
Take a minute and think of a time when someone let you down. You were expecting something to happen but then something else happened instead. You didn’t see it coming. You were caught off guard.
How To Get More Employee Referrals
Employee referrals are the best source of hire, but just because you build an employee referral program, doesn’t mean they will come. For such a program to work, you’ve got to keep it top of mind for your employees, and design a simple system that’s easy to remember and navigate. Here’s how to do it:
Recruiting in 2023
As we move into a new year, it should be apparent that it has never been more critical to invest in your recruiting and retention processes with the right solutions. From my perspective, far too many companies are spending way too much on “solutions” that aren’t solutions at all because the results aren’t there. Other companies are spending way too little on recruiting and retention for a variety of reasons. And everyone is hoping to find some secret solution that nobody else has found yet.
Flooded With Applicants
“Your presentation helped me rewrite our help wanted ad and we were flooded with applicants!” was the note I received after a recent presentation on how to win the talent war. If you need more job applicants, here is what is working for other companies who are flooded with applicants…
How to Attract a Diverse Workforce
As employers in every industry continue to struggle to fill open roles, many are coming to the conclusion that “what we’ve always done isn’t working anymore.” In response to that realization, employers are thinking outside the box for new and innovative ways to approach recruiting. One such approach is simply to look in places they hadn’t previously considered. This means recruiting from new and different communities than the ones you’ve already tapped. Pursuing diversity in your hiring practices can put you in uncharted (and sometimes uncomfortable) waters, but the payoff will be worth it because you’ll not only be able to fill all your roles, you’ll also have a stronger team. 
How to Reach Qualified Applicants in Time
Job-seekers are applying to many jobs at once. In some cases that could be because they want to shop around and find a perfect match, and in other cases it may be because they can’t afford to miss a paycheck and need a new job right away. In either instance, the first employer to respond will have the attention of the applicant, and a leg up on the competition. After that, make it your number one priority to get them through the hiring process as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of friction...
Winning the Talent War
The current talent war isn’t going away. Last week, Home Depot announced their plans to hire 100,000 new positions this spring and revealed their game plan to accomplish their goal. Here is what they’re going to do - and how you can beat them in your local market…
Every now and then, something new comes along that changes the course of things. When it comes to recruiting, we are all very interested in finding “something new” to help us out of a tough situation. I am pleased to tell you that we have partnered with Team Engine to bring you a NEW, FREE, educational course that walks you through the most current and successful approaches to recruiting today. Click here to check it out.
Stop Getting Ghosted by Candidates
I don’t need to tell you how difficult it has been to hire candidates recently, especially if you’re trying to scale winter operations and recruit seasonal snow workers.  And I already told you why unemployment money wasn’t the problem.  This article is about what you really want to know: how in the world to stop getting ghosted by job candidates.  Read on to find out our top three tips and learn about our FREE new course on recruiting!
Why ‘Features & Benefits’ Recruiting Isn’t Working
In the world of sales, it is widely understood that selling features and benefits is not an optimal approach. The same rules apply to recruiting. However, much recruiting today remains focused on features and benefits. Why is this and what’s a better approach? 
Unemployment Money Wasn't the Problem
All summer long, business owners have been criticizing government unemployment as the reason why there’s not enough employees. Now that the bonus money is gone, are things really any different when it comes to recruiting? Of course not. Here’s why, and what to do to find the people you need...
3 Steps to Improve Recruiting
So, you would like to hire enough people to fill your open positions and hold onto them for a reasonable amount of time. Welcome to the club. Every employer is thinking the same thing and you are competing with them for people. How should you respond and how will you stand out in the crowd?...
What Only 12% of Companies Know
Now that spring has sprung, it’s time for most of us to start hiring employees and preparing for the rush of spring work. This year, the task of finding great people seems even more difficult, but there is one secret to beating the competition when it comes to building a rock-star team…
How to Recruit and Retain Talent in 2019
The real secret to attracting key talent is by building a brand that potential employees desire. As companies are more transparent than ever, it is clear that the secret to attracting and retaining top talent is…
The Recruiting Lie
Companies like, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn will tell you in their advertisements that the right candidates are out there. In fact, the best candidates are on their platforms! If only you’ll pay more to get them…