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Make It Sticky
Employees continue to leave companies for greener pastures and employee turnover is the largest cost that employers never quantity. Quitting creates a vicious cycle where employees never get competent, managers stress to backfill responsibilities, and everyone feels burned out. Retain your best employees by creating a sticky culture where…
Why People Quit
As a coach, I get to hear how people intimately feel about their job and workplace. Often, I learn far more about people’s true feelings, and why they quit jobs, than their manager does. Here’s the top three reasons they’re quitting good jobs, and what can be done to keep good people…
I'm Quitting
Employees are saying, “I’m Quitting” to their bosses more than ever in history - nearly 4 million Americans per month, in fact.  As if finding people wasn’t hard enough, now business owners have to be worried about losing those who they already have employed.  Fortunately, keeping staff doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Here’s my three factors to set up employees for success...