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The Most Profitable Season of the Year?
As business concludes for 2022, there will be companies who post huge profits and others that barely scrape by.  If profit isn’t where you want it to be, perhaps you need to consider a new approach like Profit First from The Green Executive.  Here is a guest blog about their approach and how you can make profit a habit…
The Great Margin Drop
You’ve heard of the Great Resignation, right? Well, you’re about to hear of the Great Margin Drop. The costs of doing business are rising, and the price increases that are needed to cover these costs are not sufficient—or not timely enough—to avoid a drop in profit. Most companies will be unable to avoid the Great Margin Drop. The only questions are: how severe will it be and how long it will take to recover? Both of these questions will be affected by things out of our control, such as the economic state of our local area, region, nation, and the world.
Price Sometimes Matters
When it comes to selling, how important is price really? Some people say that price is the most important factor. Others claim price doesn’t matter at all. Having sold millions of dollars of maintenance contracts, I’ll tell you the truth: price sometimes matters. Here’s when it does, and why it sometimes doesn’t….
Welcome to Bidding Season
The start of June has always been a significant milestone for snow contractors to start thinking ahead to next season. But bidding for snow removal in 2022 is going to be more difficult than ever before to ensure that we win contracts with enough profit to withstand the current economic landscape. Here’s what to do to win, and profit, this winter…
4 Words That Kill Your Sales
There are four words salespeople often say that almost universally kill a sale.  They’re the first four words used in most every sales call, and I’ve never met a salesperson who hasn’t used them at least once.  In fact, I’ve mistakenly said these deadly words back when I sucked at sales.  But then I started selling millions of dollars of contracts once I stopped opening calls by saying…
What Should I Do With This $2 Million?
It’s a serious question and I would appreciate your thoughts. As the calendar year comes to a close, there is a dilemma facing some (not all) contractors. What should I do with all of this profit? I was recently asked what to do with $2 million in profit. Here’s my advice...
How to Afford a 14% Employee Bonus
One of the biggest problems with labor today is that your employees want more money but you can’t afford it.  Some companies, however, make enough money to pay 10 times the employee bonuses as their competition without sacrificing profit.  Here’s the secret…