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Take Back Control
Sales can often feel like we’re not the ones in control. Prospects request quotes, meetings, and details expecting prompt replies and total compliance only to ghost us once a proposal is sent. But that’s only true for bad salespeople. Great salespeople stay firmly in control of the sale from start to finish. Here’s what they know to do…
Spring Fever
This Spring season promises to be one of the busiest in recent history. With people at home more and money not spent on vacations or dining out, demand for landscaping services is rising. Combined with a tough labor market, many landscaping companies are simply passing on work. But some have figured out how to increase sales and profits to capitalize on the current market. Here’s how your team can dominate the market (with our best FREE tools!).
Who’s Next?
How long do you want things to be exactly the same? How many years will you be content spending the same time and effort on the same tasks? If you want more vacation, more money, or less stress in 2021 than you have today, then you need to make an investment now. It’s time to figure out who’s next. Here’s how to start.