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Equip Expo Session Recap & Slides
I recently had the opportunity to present an educational session at Equip Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. This massive trade show brings in over 25,000 attendees and just keeps getting bigger every year with over 1,000 exhibits and 30 acres of outdoor demonstration space. 
Conducting Your Year-End Review
As you look ahead to 2023, I would encourage you to also take a few minutes to look back to 2022. There is value in conducting a year-end review in that it will give you some perspective and inform you as you set your goals for the upcoming year...
It’s Here!
Yes, it’s here. It’s something you and I are both involved in. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to get it going in full force. This week is a warm-up period and a chance to build momentum. By Monday, I’ll be at full speed and there will be no stopping me. How about you? 
Get Ready for 2025
Something big is brewing… something that you will be part of… the groundwork is being laid as we speak… the building blocks will be put in place over the next couple of years… and in 2025 the full magnitude will be realized. Do you want to know what it is? 
A New Path Forward
If you’re like me, you’re enjoying not having to wear a mask everywhere. You’re glad to see fans in the stands at sporting events. You’re excited to go to your first concert in over a year. You’re looking forward to a regular college football season. At the same time, you’re seeing a new path forward that wasn’t there before the pandemic. I’m going to share with you my new path. If you are so inspired, you may wish to reply to tell me about your new path or give me a thumbs up or thumbs down on mine. 
Spring Fever
This Spring season promises to be one of the busiest in recent history. With people at home more and money not spent on vacations or dining out, demand for landscaping services is rising. Combined with a tough labor market, many landscaping companies are simply passing on work. But some have figured out how to increase sales and profits to capitalize on the current market. Here’s how your team can dominate the market (with our best FREE tools!).
Do You Have A Business Continuation Plan?
Two business partners started an office supply store many years ago. The store prospered, and both partners were enjoying the fruits of their labors. Then, tragedy struck. One of the partners...