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What is Inner Circle and why should I attend?
Once a year, something very special happens. Each April, the Snowfighters Institute holds a two-day educational and networking event for owners and senior managers. As the winter season is wrapping up, this is an excellent opportunity to discuss what is working well and what isn’t, where to invest time and resources for next winter, and to build new relationships.
Two Steps Ahead
One of the greatest strategies for business success is to stop the process of simply reacting to the current situation and instead anticipate what will occur in the future. In other words, take the time to think two steps ahead. But this is happening less and less for leaders, creating a vicious cycle where more unanticipated pressure reduces the time to think which leads to more unanticipated issues. For companies dealing with last-minute snow operations, the key is to…
In The Flesh
It’s finally time. After more than a year, in-person networking and educational events are coming back. I personally can’t wait to see old friends and new colleagues face-to-face, to dive into real education, and to enjoy after-hours networking over dinner or at a bar. Here are the industry events I’m most excited about attending: