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I Found the Silver Bullet
Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to be searching for a silver bullet to solve their labor and production capacity issues. For the longest time, my response was that there was no silver bullet. Well, don’t tell anyone, but I found it. You’ll never guess what it is.
Operational Excellence
“I can’t sell more work because I don’t have the capacity to get it done.” This lament has been spoken by more than one business owner recently. One of the keys to solving this dilemma is operational excellence. Let me explain. 
In The Flesh
It’s finally time. After more than a year, in-person networking and educational events are coming back. I personally can’t wait to see old friends and new colleagues face-to-face, to dive into real education, and to enjoy after-hours networking over dinner or at a bar. Here are the industry events I’m most excited about attending:
What Are the Odds?
In my experience, the typical manager in our industry spends most of their time putting out fires, reacting to things they didn't anticipate happening. Because every day seems to bring a new unforeseen challenge, these managers are essentially firefighters, waiting for the call to come in and rushing to put out the fire. While the adrenalin rush and feelings of heroism are appealing, this approach to management has some serious implications. What would happen if these managers came to realize that much of what they see as unpredictable was actually very predictable?
Want to Give a 17% Employee Bonus?
One of the biggest problems with labor today is that your employees want more money but you can’t afford it. Some companies, however, make enough money to pay employee bonuses equal to two months’ salary! They do this while actually increasing profit. Here’s the secret…
I'm Impressed!
Do you ever wonder how your prospective customers view your company during the sales process? Sometimes it’s difficult to know just what they are thinking. However, there is one approach that is proven to be effective...
Engaging Employees In a Noisy World
The world is noisy! And the internet, in my opinion, has won. It makes our lives easier and provides us with nearly immediate answers. But what I have also found is that it can be, and is, a very large distraction. I don't think we have even begun to understand the effects on attention span and how that correlates to lost productivity...
What Is Open Book Management?
The philosophy of Open Book Management (OBM) is that businesses will experience greater success by sharing relevant financial and operational information with every employee. Employees receive information that not only helps them do their jobs well but gives them...