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5 Common Landscape Pest Problems
Protecting client properties from pest problems is one of the most important jobs a landscape professional has. Your customers look to you to be the expert on all things landscape and to bring problems to their attention proactively. Few situations are worse than getting a phone call from a customer about a plant that has died and hearing them ask “Why didn’t you tell me the plant was dying?”...
How to Avoid These 5 Ginormous Landscape Leadership Mistakes
As an owner, fessing up to missteps in business building and management is hard. When you know something isn’t going well in your operational systems or with your personnel, it’s easy to stand back and put your head in the sand or focus on something less challenging. The cost is your relational and professional credibility with your staff. You can’t afford that cost. It’s both too high and hard to come back from. So, what do you do? You have to face it head-on. Name it clearly without blaming or shaming anyone - especially yourself. Then, outline what needs to be done, write out the steps, and take action. Here are the 5 ginormous landscape leadership mistakes and how to avoid them...