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Employee Referral Bonuses
With the continuing labor shortage, many companies are greatly increasing their employee referral bonus amounts. The question is whether this is an effective strategy. Or, is it simply a desperate attempt to solve an unsolvable problem?
Is it time to close the pool?
If you have been to a hotel recently, you may have noticed that the pool was closed. This is a generalization, of course; not every hotel pool is closed. But a lot of them are, not because of a chemical imbalance, leak, or mechanical problem, but because of the labor shortage. The reality is that a hotel pool is an unnecessary amenity. Most people are going to stay at a hotel whether the pool is open or not. Some guests may be disappointed about it, but I doubt that hotel bookings are greatly affected by the status of the pool.
ELEVATE Your Workforce
The top two issues that green industry companies continue to face are the lack of quality people to work for them and rising labor rates.  And with a probable recession on the horizon, there is simply very little time left to figure out how to win the talent war.  Fortunately, there is a new opportunity to help ELEVATE your workforce (and we can save you hundreds of dollars)....
Winning the Talent War
The current talent war isn’t going away. Last week, Home Depot announced their plans to hire 100,000 new positions this spring and revealed their game plan to accomplish their goal. Here is what they’re going to do - and how you can beat them in your local market…
Where to Find Snow Shovelers
If you’re working to hire snow shovelers for winter work, you might be starting to get a little frustrated. It’s always difficult to fill these seasonal positions with reliable workers but this year is absolutely one of the toughest. When I was hiring hundreds of shovelers, I always succeeded by looking at my “secret” labor sources. Here’s my full list of where to find snow shovelers…
Unemployment Money Wasn't the Problem
All summer long, business owners have been criticizing government unemployment as the reason why there’s not enough employees. Now that the bonus money is gone, are things really any different when it comes to recruiting? Of course not. Here’s why, and what to do to find the people you need...
Seasonal Jobs Rock
Seasonal employment is an essential aspect of our industry, especially in northern climates with heavy seasonal labor demands in the spring and again whenever it snows. The benefits of seasonal employment from the employer's perspective are obvious and many. But there are many benefits for the employee, and these benefits are often overlooked by recruiters and hiring managers. The reality is that seasonal jobs are often the best jobs. Let me explain...
Why the Labor Problem is Different Now
While labor continues to be the biggest challenge for every company in our industry, the dynamic has wildly shifted this week.  For the past 5 years or so, just finding people to apply for jobs has been a herculean task.  But starting this week, the labor problem will be entirely different for contractors.  Here’s how to solve it...
This Changes Everything
As the labor shortage continues into 2019, many employers are struggling with staffing. Most understand the need to invest more resources in this area but often times these investments are not only missing the bullseye, they are missing the target altogether because they’re aiming in the wrong direction. Let me explain...