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What’s the hype all about?
When something new comes along - a new idea or an innovation - there is, predictably, some hype that draws the attention of business leaders who are seeking the latest competitive advantage. Business leaders have been cautioned against chasing every new “shiny object” because of the disruptive nature of this approach. At the same time, business leaders have an obligation to be scanning for new ideas and innovations to remain competitive. So what’s the answer?
Why Peoria?
Peoria, IL. This is the location of this year’s Snowfighters Institute Inner Circle. But why Peoria? It all has to do with the Caterpillar Corporation, our sponsor.
What is Inner Circle and why should I attend?
Once a year, something very special happens. Each April, the Snowfighters Institute holds a two-day educational and networking event for owners and senior managers. As the winter season is wrapping up, this is an excellent opportunity to discuss what is working well and what isn’t, where to invest time and resources for next winter, and to build new relationships.