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How to Grow Employees
“We need better people” is something that every manager has thought at least once this year. No matter who is on the team, there are never enough employees who simply “get it” and show up with a great attitude, excellent skills, and a desire to improve every day. But what if there was a formula to help your people grow? Here’s how to develop employees to create the greatest team ever.
Is Your Most Important Leader Overlooked?
In many organizations, the most important leader is not who you might think and they are often overlooked. The most important leader is not the CEO, President, General Manager, Controller, or even the top salesperson. So, who is this person? Give me two minutes of your time to explain.
Spring Fever
This Spring season promises to be one of the busiest in recent history. With people at home more and money not spent on vacations or dining out, demand for landscaping services is rising. Combined with a tough labor market, many landscaping companies are simply passing on work. But some have figured out how to increase sales and profits to capitalize on the current market. Here’s how your team can dominate the market (with our best FREE tools!).
The Great Crew Leader Lunch Challenge
I believe that most crew leaders would want to improve as a crew leader if they knew how to do so and were supported in doing so. The problem is that there hasn't been an easy way to identify or show a crew leader specifically what to improve on. That is where the Great Crew Leader Lunch Challenge fits in. It's a super simple way for a crew leader to recognize or admit that they have room to improve. Here's how it works...
The Most Wonderful Time of The Year
The holiday season is considered by many to be the most wonderful time of the year. I happen to agree, but for far different reasons than most people. Something magical happens each December that is a secret to my success…