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No More Surprises
My most recent blog discussed the importance of clarifying expectations, especially with new hires. Companies have a significant opportunity to improve in the areas of employee, recruitment and retention if they heed my advice. If you have not yet, read this blog, please. Do so by clicking on this link.
Don’t Let Me Down
Take a minute and think of a time when someone let you down. You were expecting something to happen but then something else happened instead. You didn’t see it coming. You were caught off guard.
Conducting Your Year-End Review
As you look ahead to 2023, I would encourage you to also take a few minutes to look back to 2022. There is value in conducting a year-end review in that it will give you some perspective and inform you as you set your goals for the upcoming year...
Spring Fever
This Spring season promises to be one of the busiest in recent history. With people at home more and money not spent on vacations or dining out, demand for landscaping services is rising. Combined with a tough labor market, many landscaping companies are simply passing on work. But some have figured out how to increase sales and profits to capitalize on the current market. Here’s how your team can dominate the market (with our best FREE tools!).