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Social Distancing Shouldn’t Mean Unsocial
My job is to help companies increase their employee engagement, meaning the extent to which employees are involved in, committed to, and enthusiastic about their work and their workplace.  When employees are engaged, they work more efficiently, work more safely, and report a higher quality of life.  But what is often missed by managers is the critical role of social bonds in employee engagement.  Employees who say that they don’t have a best friend at work are only engaged 1 out of 12 times...
Overcoming the Unemployment Benefit Challenge
I spoke to an owner/client today who took the PPP loan and is getting pushback, grumbling, and anger from his team who feel they could have made more money on unemployment then continuing being paid from the company. With the additional $600 the Federal government kicked in on top of the average unemployment, it's over $1000 a week to stay home in some areas of the country. How should he respond?
Why the Brady Bunch View Is a Game-Changer
The shelter-in-place orders have resulted in a massive increase in Zoom meetings. If you have participated in a Zoom meeting, you probably know about the viewing option where each participant’s video feed is placed in a square box stacked on top of other boxes - just like the Brady Bunch. What’s interesting is that something really awesome happens when the Brady Bunch view is used. In fact, it’s a game-changer!
Why I Love Quarantine
Like most of us, I’m stuck working at home while doing my part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  While there have been some real challenges and plenty of canceled events, overall I’m loving quarantine.  Here’s why you should be loving this time too…