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Three Critical Times to Review Contracts
Reviewing contracts isn’t something most of us do every day. However, there is a time to do so. In fact, there are three critical times to review contracts.
Time to Sell... Snow?
More and more, snow contracts are being awarded in May and June rather than September and October. While there are many contracts awarded in the Fall and even Winter, the very best ones have tended to get awarded in Spring. Here’s how to win big early in the season and be set up for success this winter…
Winning the Renewal Game
The renewal process takes many different shapes in our industry. The renewal process for residential work is often very different than that for commercial work and there are many variations within these general categories. All of this variation makes writing about the renewal process challenging. However, there are some common themes that apply to most situations. As we consider our renewal process, let’s look for one or two ways to improve and run with those ideas...
Reviewing Snow & Ice Scope of Work Contract Language
Contracts for snow & ice management services take on very different forms across the industry. At one extreme is the simple one-page agreement; at the opposite extreme is an extensive contract containing every imaginable clause and condition. We see this variation in contracts written by both contractors and property owners/management firms.
Raising Prices: The Broadway Play
In our first scene, we see Catherine “Kat”, the Contractor, facing a dilemma. She needs to raise prices on Paul, the Property Manager, but she’s not sure how to do so because Kat and Paul are in a multi-year contract. On top of that, Paul has been a long-time, loyal customer and Kat doesn’t want to mess up their relationship...
Who Needs Snow?
Are you anxious about the weather and if we’ll get enough snow this season?  It’s been a slow start for most snow contractors this year and many are starting to get concerned.  But there are others who don’t need any snow at all.  Let me tell you how they’re still making money…