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How to Reach Qualified Applicants in Time
Job-seekers are applying to many jobs at once. In some cases that could be because they want to shop around and find a perfect match, and in other cases it may be because they can’t afford to miss a paycheck and need a new job right away. In either instance, the first employer to respond will have the attention of the applicant, and a leg up on the competition. After that, make it your number one priority to get them through the hiring process as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of friction...
My Score Is Better Than Yours!
Regardless of the endeavor, we want to know who the winner was. Whether it’s a hockey game or chess match, the players and their fans are interested in the outcome. And the outcome is determined by the score. If there was no score being kept and no winner, everyone would lose interest. Every kid on a playground understands this. It’s human nature to keep score.