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Why EOS is taking over
The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) was developed by Gino Wickman, the founder of EOS Worldwide. My previous company worked directly with Gino at his Livonia, Michigan office many years ago and before Gino wrote his first book, Traction. Since this time, I’ve witnessed an explosion of EOS in all industries. I couldn’t be happier for Gino and his team. But what’s the deal with EOS? Why is it taking over?
Working ON Your Business In 2024
This blog is meant to inspire you to consider three ways to work “on” your business in 2024. The big idea here is that most of us work “in” our business by performing tasks. And it is easy to become so engulfed in working in our business that we fail to work on our business.
Ready for $15 Minimum Wage?
This week, the new Biden administration is working towards a pandemic relief package that will include a $15 minimum wage. Unless you hit it big with Gamestop, you may be wondering how your business can survive when labor costs significantly increase over the next five years. Here’s what to do now to ensure you don’t go out of business later…
Your Ultimate Dream Exit
Image your ultimate dream exit. You’ve sold your business and you’re enjoying a refreshing iced tea at your beach house on the ocean or you’re traveling the world for a year visiting exotic lands. How did you do it? In this blog post, Steven Newell of Lindale Partners reveals the 7 keys to maximizing the sale of your business when the time comes. Prepare now, enjoy later!