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Burnt Out
As inflation continues to rise, managers are starting to face an additional workforce challenge to the tight labor market. Employees are routinely being asked to do more with less, leading to increased burnout. In response, many young workers have started a movement of “quiet quitting” – that is, doing the bare minimum of their job description and refusing to go above and beyond. But managers have the ability to prevent burnout by…
10 Positive Things Landscapers Can Do This Winter
For most landscape contractors (at least in the northern half of the country), winter is a somewhat slower time of the year. Before the pandemic, it was possible to travel and take a vacation to recharge the internal battery. Not so much now. So how does one use winter to pull back from the busy season and prevent burnout safely? How does one get energized and excited about the coming year? We have a few suggestions...
Avoiding COVID Burnout
As nearly more than 3 in 5 employees are now working from home, many are experiencing serious burnout.  Some feel manager expectations are high, some are balancing work and family, and others are just working extra hours from boredom.  Whatever your circumstances, here’s how to avoid burnout while working remotely.