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Where the Great Employees Are
Companies like, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn will tell you in their advertisements that the right candidates are out there.  In fact, the best candidates are on their platforms!  If only you’ll pay more to get them… 
What Are the Odds?
In my experience, the typical manager in our industry spends most of their time putting out fires, reacting to things they didn't anticipate happening. Because every day seems to bring a new unforeseen challenge, these managers are essentially firefighters, waiting for the call to come in and rushing to put out the fire. While the adrenalin rush and feelings of heroism are appealing, this approach to management has some serious implications. What would happen if these managers came to realize that much of what they see as unpredictable was actually very predictable?
Snow Liquid Secrets
If you’re preparing for winter operations, you’ve no doubt had some questions about incorporating liquids into your de-icing toolbox.  But with expensive equipment, the risk of slip and falls, and concerns about retraining crews, the concerns quickly add up.  Fortunately, the team at GrowTheBench has you covered with secrets that no one usually talks about.  Here’s what I wish I had known before I got started in liquids…
Can We Clarify Something?
I have an elderly neighbor who isn’t able to drive anywhere.  Recently he asked me to run down the street to a local gas station, where he runs a tab, to pick up some groceries for him.  Of course I wanted to help the guy out, but I had several questions.  And then I experienced a lesson in clarity that I wished I learned years ago in management…