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Time to Reset
Have you ever stopped to look at your weekly calendar and wondered, “How did all these things become my routine?” It’s as if meetings, tasks, responsibilities, and obligations just fell into place over time without any idea of where they came from or why they’re there. Of course, they’re usually important things, but rarely are they the most important things. I’m changing everything with a reset, and here’s how you can too…
How You Doin’?
Many of you endured a massive snow storm recently. If you’re in the snow business, these big storms drag on for many days. But more to the point of this blog post, they test us. They test every part of a person’s capacity. They test every aspect of a company's internal systems. They test each and every machine’s performance. If you’re not in the snow business, you are being tested in other ways. Some of you are working from home, cooped up, and stuck in a virtual world. Some of you are doing the work of several people because your company is short-handed. We’re constantly being tested. So, my question is, “How you doin’?” Finding balance in our lives is not easy, but it is possible. I’d like to share with you a quick thought about this topic and an invitation.