Managing Millennials

Managing millennials is the number one challenge that business owners are facing today.  While sales and operations can stay strong in today’s economy and with modern technology, finding and retaining great people regularly kills company growth and the reality is that this is largely due to millennials composing nearly half of the modern workforce.  Millennials are the most misunderstood generation in history and are disrupting the way we work dramatically. 

In this two-part course, Neal will share with attendees what millennials really seek in a career and the six fundamentals shifts in thinking required to change this frustrating liability into a significant competitive advantage.  Having had a successful career as a contractor and millennial, Neal understands the challenges faced on both sides and provides ground-breaking research in a simple and practical manner to help managers thrive.

Learning Objectives:

1.  What really makes millennials so different from previous generations.

2.  How and why millennials will and continue to disrupt the way business is done.

3.  The big six shifts in thinking required to drive millennial engagement.

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