Working ON Your Business In 2024


By Phil Harwood

This blog is meant to inspire you to consider three ways to work “on” your business in 2024. The big idea here is that most of us work “in” our business by performing tasks. And it is easy to become so engulfed in working in our business that we fail to work on our business. 

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The tell-tale signs of working in your business as opposed to on your business are as follows:
First, long-term and short-term strategic goals are not clear. Your strategy used to be clear but that was some time ago and it has become a bit fuzzy. You skipped your last planning retreat and didn’t reschedule it. Your budget for 2024 isn’t done yet. Your sales goals are not clear. All of this is unsettling to you.
The second tell-tale sign is that more things are going wrong. There is more absenteeism, tardiness, accidents, injuries, quality issues, upset customers, lost tools, employee turnover, etc. These are a symptom of a greater problem. When leaders are not leading because they are stuck in the weeds performing tasks, everyone is affected. Motivation drops and all of the bad things increase.
The third tell-tale sign is a loss of momentum. Things were going great until recently. Then it seems like progress has slowed, stopped, or even gone backward. Without clear goals, budgets, and leadership, this is a natural result.
If any of these tell-tale signs resonate with you, it is most likely an indication that you should devote more energy to working on your business in 2024. What does that look like? I have three recommendations:
First, commit (or recommit) to a strategic planning system. I’m a fan (and alumnus) of the EOS approach. EOS stands for the Entrepreneurial Operating System. With this approach, strategic planning meetings are held quarterly. Scorecards are developed. And weekly accountability for results is routine. If you need help with strategic planning, please contact me.
Second, plan your exit. Even if you’re not planning to exit your business for a long time, there is no greater gift you can give those you care about than to prepare today for what may occur tomorrow. We never know when we’re actually going to exit; it may be tomorrow. Let’s hope not. But what if it is? If you need help with exit planning, please contact me.
Third, unplug from your business. Attend a trade show, conference, or networking event. These are great ways to obtain fresh ideas, gain new perspectives, and sharpen your leadership skills. If you’re in the snow business, check out Snowfighters Institute’s 2024 events. We would love to have you and your team attend. If you have any questions about these events, please contact me.
Now go forth.

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