Why People REALLY Choose a Job


By Neal Glatt

Have you ever stopped to wonder how people choose which company to work for?  Most people assume that pay or benefits has a lot to do with the situation.  But the research proves these people couldn’t be more wrong.  There is so much more that motivates people than conventional wisdom suggests.  If you need to hire great people, here’s the way to win.

Before we get to motivational items, we should mention a few things that every job needs to have.  “Hygiene Factors” are those things which are expected in a job, many required by law, and will stop candidates from considering an opportunity.  These items are things like fair pay, safe working conditions, job security, competent managers, and co-workers who are committed to quality work.  When these basic needs are missing, employees are demotivated and likely to leave.  If a job candidate feels like any of these are missing, they’ll disqualify the job opportunity.

But assuming we pass the basics, what makes a good candidate choose one position over another?  “Motivation Factors” are things like growth opportunities, recognition, job responsibility, challenging work, and the opportunity to achieve.  These items lead to highly satisfied and motivated employees who always strive for the best.  In fact, Gallup reports that the number one criterion for selecting a job today is the growth and development opportunities that the candidate will have on the job.

So if you’re trying to hire, it’s time to reevaluate your pitch to candidates.  Instead of leading with discussions around pay and benefits, tell a story about how a current employee grew through the ranks.  Tout the on-the-job education, training, and mentorship available to new employees and ensure that growth and development opportunities are plentiful.  In the job interview, explain the career paths available at your company at every level.  It’s the most compelling case you’ll make for candidates.

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