Where the Great Employees Are


By Neal Glatt

Companies like Indeed.com, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn will tell you in their advertisements that the right candidates are out there.  In fact, the best candidates are on their platforms!  If only you’ll pay more to get them...

The problem is, it’s simply not true.  There are no secret job boards or advertising platforms that can help you find better employees.  Online recruiting has become a massive business and it is a massively frustrating experience for end users.  Having burned through disappointing candidate after disappointing candidate, they’ll tell you that hiring the perfect people is practically impossible.  And they’re absolutely right.

Only after failing at recruiting over and over again have some business owners discovered a secret path to success.  It isn’t well known because those recruiting companies with deep pockets won’t profit when we become aware of it.  As a result, they’ll pay a fortune to keep us distracted.  Tune out the noise – the path to success is building talent from within.

As contractors, we’re already working at a disadvantage.  As much as I love this industry, it isn’t sexy.  Many people don’t even realize we exist.  And so, we are instantly limited in our candidate pool.  Well-established candidates often consider a job in this industry a step down and won’t even view job postings.

But there is one thing that potential candidates want more than anything else and that is growth and development opportunities.  Advertise the development that you provide and the opportunity for career advancement at your company.  If you lead with your mission to help employees, you’ll see a spike in job interest equaling an advertised 30%-higher wage.  To provide them with this education, GrowTheBench is here to help.  Our November Winter Bootcamp is about to start and you can train up to 10 employees for only $49.  Sign up today by clicking here!

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