What Did I Miss?


By Phil Harwood

Last week, the Snowfighters Institute held its popular Forum for Sales event at the SnowEx world headquarters in Michigan. If you were unable to attend, you will not want to miss our fall event, Grounds & Institutional Management, focused on snow operations, site engineering, equipment planning, and event management. Registration is open and this event will sell out. 

To assist you in making a decision on whether to attend, consider what you missed if you did not attend Forum for Sales last week.

First, you missed a great networking experience. Snowfighters events bring together snow professionals from all over North America and provide meaningful discussions in class and outside of class. We hear over and over again that the networking aspect of Snowfighters is one of the most valuable reasons to attend. In fact, some of the best conversations happen over dinner, at lunch, in-between meetings, and afterward. Expanding your professional network is an invaluable part of growing in your industry.  

Second, you missed two full days of killer education. Neal and I put together a massive amount of sales training materials to get everyone dialed in for the upcoming snow selling season. Each Snowfighters event is a deep dive into one area. Last week was sales. Three weeks ago, we focused on the owner’s perspective at our Inner Circle event at the Ventrac world headquarters. As mentioned, our fall event, Grounds & Institutional Management, will be focused on snow operations, site engineering, equipment planning, and event management. Anyone involved in operations will benefit from attending (snow commander, snow captain, operations director, operations manager, area manager, field supervisor, crew leader).

Third, you missed a unique opportunity to tour the factory and get up close and personal with SnowEx products and experts. Being a professional in an industry is more rewarding when you have insider knowledge and contacts with major suppliers. This is one of the greatest benefits of a Snowfighters event. Our fall event will be held at the Milton CAT dealership in Milford, MA, which  provides Caterpillar products, parts, service, and support to the entire New England region. 

What else did you miss? Join us in the fall in New England and you’ll find out for yourself!

Now go forth. 

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