Want Your Training Paid For?


By Neal Glatt

If you want to provide more training for your people but are finding the budget isn’t sufficient for all of the education that you want to participate in this year, it can pay to explore how workforce development funds can help.  Many states have allocated money specifically for employees to get better at their jobs and you may already be qualified.  Here’s two successful examples of how this works:

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We wanted to remove every possible barrier to attending Snowfighters Institute, and because our education programs are so high quality states have agreed that we are qualified for leaner grants.  Most states have workforce development programs and we’re happy to work with you to get your training paid for if you simply reach out to us at Info@SnowfightersInstitute.com.  Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far.

In Massachusetts, the Commonwealth Corporation provides employers with fast, simple access to grant-funded training through their Express Program.  All that is required is to fill out the simple application on their website at least 21 days in advance of the approved Snowfighters Institute course and signing the agreement.  Once your employees have completed the training, you’ll submit proof of payment and course completion to be reimbursed for the education.

Any company in Massachusetts is eligible to have training paid for up to $20,000 per calendar year for their W-2 employees if they have less than 100 employees and applications only take a few minutes to complete.  In fact, over 13,000 employees per year have had their training paid for by this program!

In Pennsylvania, the Workforce & Economic Development Networks, or WEDnetPA, awards training funds for any full-time employee of up to $2,000 per year per employee and $100,000 per year per company.  Employees must be Pennsylvania residents employed by a company located in Pennsylvania.

Companies can apply online and must submit a training plan demonstrating the courses which they intend to be reimbursed for their employees.  Once approved, registration for the course(s) must occur within 30 days and can be submitted for reimbursement upon completion of training.

No matter where your business is located, we’re here to help you get the grants you’re entitled to for workforce development.  Generally, it takes at least several weeks to get qualified the first time a business applies in any state, so now is the time to reach out if you want your Snowfighters Institute events to be paid for by someone else.  Email us today at info@SnowfightersInstitute.com and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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