Two Steps Ahead


By Neal Glatt

One of the greatest strategies for business success is to stop the process of simply reacting to the current situation and instead anticipate what will occur in the future.  In other words, take the time to think two steps ahead.  But this is happening less and less for leaders, creating a vicious cycle where more unanticipated pressure reduces the time to think which leads to more unanticipated issues.  For companies dealing with last-minute snow operations, the key is to…

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Schedule the time right now to invest in the processes, techniques, and networks that are the most painful.  This simple act, just blocking the calendar for a few days to focus on specific pain points of the business before next season, is all that is required to get two steps ahead for next year.

Through our brand Snowfighters Institute, we’ve helped hundreds of companies do exactly that.  We host two-day events around the country, each with a specific focus, to help guide leaders through the process of evaluating, planning, and improving their businesses in meaningful ways.  Here’s what we’ll be doing in 2023:

The education season kicks off April 18-20 with an invite-only event for CEOs and Senior Leaders called the Inner Circle.  This year, we’ll be at Caterpillar’s Tinaja Hills Demonstration and Learning Center in Tucson, Arizona touring some of the largest heavy equipment in the world on 6,500 acres of Sonoran Desert.  Attendees will examine every part of their business, including marketing, sales, recruiting, management, and operational planning.  Plus, we’ll enjoy the incredible amenities at Casino Del Sol, including fine dining, gaming, pool, spa, and golf facilities.  This event is reserved for Snowfighters Institute Alumni Club Members - contact to verify your eligibility or for more details.

For those looking to increase sales, profits, or service offering, the Forum for Sales event is a can’t-miss event.  There are two options for this workshop - May 10-11 at Western Plows Headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin or July 26-27 at Fisher Plows Headquarters in Rockland, Maine.  One attendee increased their sales over 70% because of the sales process, target marketing, and techniques they learned at this event.  It’s time to get ahead of the increased wages, material and equipment costs, and inflation pressure by learning to sell contracts for more money with less frustration.

Finally, we are offering two opportunities for operations teams to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the field with our Operations Management events.  The first workshop will be June 27-28 at Hot Pink Deicer in Brighton, Michigan, and the final opportunity will be September 6-7 at Foley CAT in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.  Both veteran operations managers and brand-new industry field managers will gain valuable insight on the planning process, recruiting, managing, subcontracting, equipment management, de-icing, liquids, event management, and much more.  

If you are tired of the stress from feeling like you just can’t get ahead, today is the day to book your spot at one of these events.  In addition to guaranteeing your spot and making next winter season far less stressful, you’ll also reduce your tax liability by signing up before the end of the year.  Let’s commit to getting to two steps ahead of next year’s problems today.


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