By Phil Harwood

Every time I see another company adopting EOS principles it makes me smile. EOS (entrepreneurial operating system) is explained in the book, Traction, by Gino Wickman. Give me one minute of your time and I’ll explain to you why EOS might be just what you need for 2022.

Before starting my consulting business in 2008, I was a partner of Professional Grounds Services, a landscape and snow management business I helped get off the ground in 1999. As we were growing, we encountered all of the typical challenges of growth. Around 2003, we hired Gino Wickman to work with us and he taught us how to implement EOS. It was an amazing experience.

Apparently, we did a good job with implementing EOS because Gino gave us a shout-out in Traction as the fastest company ever to implement the EOS tools. With Gino’s guidance and a great team, we were unstoppable. The company grew quickly and continues on a path of success today with Dave Klier still at the helm.   

One of the best things about EOS is that it unifies teams around specific goals. This may sound overly basic but the EOS tools are designed to make the system work like clockwork. In my experience, most teams struggle with setting goals and remaining committed to them until the goal is achieved. With EOS,  there is nowhere to hide. Teams that commit to the system are destined to be successful because everyone on the team is working together. It’s a beautiful thing. 

We often promote a GrowTheBench course in this blog. However, this week we want to promote EOS and Traction because we believe in the system. We highly recommend checking it out. Of course, we would love to have you check out also, especially if you haven’t done so yet. Email me for a free trial subscription. 

Now go forth. 

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